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Mail is picked up and delivered every weekday (excluding holidays). Inmates may receive mail from other jails and prisons as well as the public. Incoming mail is sorted, scanned for contraband, and then delivered to the inmates on the next day, with the exception of legal or certified mail. Legal and/or Certified mail is opened in the inmate’s presence and inspected. Incoming mail without the sender’s name and return address will be refused.

If you would like to send an inmate mail, please address it to:

Inmate’s Name
Hopkins County Jail
P.O. Box 1030 2250
Laffoon Trail
Madisonville, KY 42431


Inmates may also have books mailed to them as well. The guidelines for mailing an inmate a book are:

1. All books must be soft back books.
2. All books must be new.
3. All books must be sent from a known bookstore such as Amazon, Barns & Noble etc.

Books will be rejected if:

1. The books promote nudity, violence, gun or gang related material, illegal activity, racism, hate or mistreatment of others.
2. The books contain information that hinders the safety & security of the facility, inmates or staff.
3. The books are hard backed.
4. The packaging or books have been tampered with. Books MUST be mailed directly from the store to the inmate.

All inmates are expected to adhere to the inmate rule of only having three (3) personal reading books in their possession. Any inmate found to be in possession of more than three (3) personal reading books, the extra books will be placed in the library.